Go and Buffalo Live from Dunkin' Donuts

Mark Bates joined the show this week live from his local Dunkin’ Donuts to talk about Go and Buffalo — his Go web framework. Those who listened live said this was our best show yet. If you agree let us know in #gotimefm on Gopher Slack or say hi on Twitter.

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Notes and Links

Mark’s power went out at his home office so he did the show from his local Dunkin’ Donuts. Listen to the FULL raw uncut edition of this show (NSFW).

  • Mark can’t talk about the secret because it’s now the big big secret — details coming soon
  • Buffalo is “another” Go web framework
  • gorilla/mux - A powerful URL router and dispatcher for golang
  • Like all good software, Buffalo stands on the shoulders of giants
  • You 👉 can run your own Go 1.8 release party
  • Have you seen Google’s Grumpy? It’s “The best of Python running on the Go runtime” -Brian Ketelsen
  • GoReleaser - Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible
  • Mutagen - Simple, cross-platform, continuous, bi-directional file synchronization
  • Introducing Prism — an open source profiling tool for Go (from Geckoboard)
  • Octotree - code tree for GitHub and GitLab. Mark Bates says “I can’t imagine using GitHub without it.”

Mark Bates at Dunkin’ Donuts


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