Go Developer Survey

Steve Francia joined the show to talk about the results of the 2016 Go Developer Survey and other interesting Go projects and news.

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Notes and Links

The Go Developer Survey - https://blog.golang.org/survey2016-results

  • Almost all users of (89%) are using it for work, great testament to the growth of the language.
  • Heavy adoption from dynamic languages.
  • Most wanted improvements, generics (surprise!), and package versioning/dependency management (in the works).
  • Concern about finding developers, how do you feel about the pool of developers?
  • Vim / VSCode seem to be the top pics for editor.
  • When asked what libraries are still missing, the most common request by far was a library for writing GUIs. Another popular topic was requests around data processing, analytics, and numerical and scientific computing.
  • 55% of respondents expressed interest in contributing in some way to the Go community and projects. Unfortunately, relatively few agreed that they felt welcome to do so (3.3:1) and even fewer felt that the process was clear (1.3:1)
  • Cobra / Viper / Hugo

Interesting Go Projects and News

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