Golang Flow, FaaS, and Buffalo

Brian Scott joined the show and talked with us about Golang Flow, contributing to open source, functions as a service, building for the web with Buffalo, and other interesting projects and news.

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Notes and Links

Golang Flow


Go support for AWS Lambda (YES!!)

OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple for Docker & Kubernetes

Interesting Go Projects and News

Go 1.10 released

Resources for New Speakers

Vgo - 5 Part series by Russ Cox:

Using Go as a scripting language in Linux

gitleaks - Searches full repo history for secrets and keys

Pixel - A hand-crafted 2D game library in Go

Roundtable with #Golang Stars - Building Predictability into Your Pipeline

Free Software Friday!

Each week on the show, we give a shout out to an open source project or community (or maintainer) that’s made an impact in our day to day developer lives.

Erik - Russ Cox, Sam Boyer, and everyone trying to solve the dependency management problem (you’re doing a great job!)

Something missing or broken? PRs welcome!

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