Opening up the opinion box

Aug. 5, 2021, 4:30 p.m. (1 year, 3 months ago)

Mat Ryer and Jerod Santo sit down to review and discuss the MOST and LEAST unpopular “unpopular opinions” since we started keeping track of such things. Also Generics.

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Notes and Links

MOST unpopular

  1. Baseball is the most exciting sport in the world (Grant Steltzer on episode #159)
  2. Using err as an error variable make code hard to read (Steve High on episode #179)
  3. Chocolate is nasty (Jon Sabados on episode #174)
  4. JS Party is better than Go Time (Jerod Santo (of course) on episode #154)
  5. Copy/paste with formatting should be default (Jay Conrod on episode #187)
Runners up

LEAST unpopular

  1. Inheritance and complexity in configuration languages (Marcel van Lohuizen on episode #163)
  2. Disadvantages can become advantages as the world changes (Kris Brandow on episode #157)
  3. The Go community lacks great GraphQL clients (Mislav Marohnić on episode #153)
  4. Bad feedback better than no feedback from new users (Carolyn Van Slyck on episode #184)
  5. Successful devs are stubborn (83% pop) (Jerod Santo on episode #167)
Runners up

Generic Opinions

Other thinks mentioned

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