Pachyderm, Provenance, Data Lakes

Joe Doliner joined the show to talk about managing data lakes with Pachyderm, data containers, provenance, and other interesting Go projects and news.

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Notes and Links

Let’s build a modern Hadoop

Putting the science back in data science

Martin Fowler - DataLake

Wikipedia: Data Lake

Provenance: the Missing Feature for Rigorous Data Science. Now in Pachyderm 1.1

xkcd: Who were you DenverCoder9? What did you see?!

Pachyderm Users Slack Channel

Interesting Go Projects and News Database Incident - 2017/01/31

Changelog Spotlight #8: Conversational Development and Controversy with Sid Sijbrandij

Wuzz (visual cURL)

Ozzo Validation

dep 101 - I Can Haz Downtime?

The State of Go - February 2017

Free Software Friday!

Each week on the show we give a shout out to an open source project or community that’s made an impact in our day to day developer lives.

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