Craft CMS 3 with Pixel & Tonic Founder Brandon Kelly!

In this episode we have Brandon Kelly, the founder of Pixel & Tonic on to discuss their recently released Craft CMS 3. Living up to it’s version number, Craft CMS was 3 years in the works, and is a major new iteration of the popular CMS platform.

We talk about the history of Pixel & Tonic as well as the history of Craft CMS, and learn the role that the Canadian government played in the genesis of Craft CMS. We also discuss the community and economy built around Craft CMS 3, the implications of the plugin store, and using Craft CMS 3 as a framework to build custom web applications.

Get an insider’s view of the development of Craft CMS 3, and listen as Brandon goes on record talking about some cool new features they have in the works! Craft CMS 3 is a major new foundation that Pixel & Tonic has big plans for, in terms of expanding the content modeling and functionality of the content management system.

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