Craft CMS Plugin Developer Roundtable #1

This episode of the podcast is a meeting of the Craft CMS plugin developer cabal. We have on virtual rogue’s gallery of Craft CMS plugin developers: Michael Rog from Top Shelf Craft, Ben Parizek from Sprout Plugins, Ben Croker from PutYourLightsOn, Josh Crawford from Verbb, Nate Iler from Flipbox Digital, Lindsey DiLoreto from Double Secret Agency, and Mark Huot from HappyCog!

We talk about the challenges of Craft CMS plugin development, ranging from technical challenges, to pricing, support, and maintenance of plugins. We also discuss how to get into plugin development, and how to stay sharp!

Even if you only tangentially are interested in plugin development, or you use plugins yourself on your website, you’ll find this episode interesting for sure!

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