From Primary School Teacher to React Dev to Tailwind Labs

On this episode we talk to Simon Vrachliotis aka “SimonSwiss” from Tailwind Labs about his wild journey being a primary school teacher in the Swiss alps to surfing the waves in Sydney, Australia as a React developer at Thinkmill and then on to being employee #2 at Tailwind Labs.

We unwind the fascinating tale of how Simon made the transition from teacher to web developer, including excursions into Theme Forest, utility-first CSS like Tachyons & Tailwind CSS, and developing using Craft CMS.

Simon mentions what he thinks are the keys to success in topics as varied as giving presentations to furthering your career, publishing content in blogs & on YourTube.

…and he also drops the bomb and announces his newest role, and the latest leg of his journey: going full circle and joining Tailwind Labs!

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