Git Er Done Using Git Version Control

In this episode we dive into using Git as a version control system with Mijingo’s Ryan Irelan. Whether you do frontend dev, backend dev, or any kind of dev, odds are very good that you’re using Git as a version control system. We talk about the history of Git, and delve into some of the bigger picture concepts behind Git to help understand what’s going on under the hood.

We discuss various git clients, what exactly commits and branches are, and the abject horror that are merge conflicts… and how they really shouldn’t be that scary at all. There are also some stories from using Git the trenches, both glorious successes and agonizing failures. We’ve all been there, Ryan helps to lead us out of the forest with some great pointers on using Git.

Ryan’s also made a special promo code DEVMODE for 25% off any Git course on!

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