Inside Vite.js 3.0 with core team member Patak

July 18, 2022, 4 a.m. (4 months, 2 weeks ago)

On this episode, we talk with Vite.js core team member Matias Capeletto aka “Patak” about the next generation frontend tooling Vite 3.0!

We’re joined by guest co-host Michael Thomas, lead dev from Percipio, to talk about what makes Vite.js so loved in the developer community that it’s had a stratospheric rise in popularity.

We delve into all the shiny new things in the newly released Vite 3.0, and get a peek into the massive community behind the scenes that helped make it all happen.

Patak also drops the news that StackBlitz is sponsoring the first Vite Conf, free online October 11–12th, and will feature speakers from all facets of the Vite ecosystem.

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