Standup - "Speed Walking for Devs"

Aug. 23, 2021, 4 a.m. (1 year, 3 months ago)

Ryan Irelan & Andrew record another devMode standup streamed live on YouTube; we talk about the Olympics, and how they are inspirational as well as providing allegories for development and your career.

We discuss Ryan’s plans to qualify for the 2024 Olympics as a speed walker, and then do an in-depth discussion on how Ryan is modernizing the website.

We discuss the trials & tribulations associated with something that everyone in the web development world has to do at some point, which is to take “this old site” and modernize it. Andrew also discusses doing just this to the “Spoke and Chain” and “Europa Museum” sites from Pixel & Tonic.

Finally, we chat about advertising in small communities, and whether it’s effective or not.

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