Standup - "The Rage Room"

Nov. 21, 2022, 5 a.m. (1 week ago)

On this standup, Ryan & I discussed options for the new version of the website: Nuxt, Next, Astro, Svelte, or Remix, and the pros and cons of these various options.

We go on to talk about a surprise birthday trip to NYC for a Billy Joel concert for Andrew’s son, and how Ryan “Swiftie” Irelan is to blame for it. We also discuss the insane MMO Star Citizen game, 10 years in development, community funded to the tune of $500m+!

Then we talk about the Code Field plugin for Craft CMS, and the Code Editor package on which it is based. This essentially brings VS Code to the Craft CP, but with even better Twig & Craft API autocomplete than VS Code itself.

Finally, we debate the merits of a rage room vs. a limousine tour of the city for children’s birthdays and adroitly switch over to discussing VitePress, and how fantastic it is for doing documentation… or even as a general-purpose static site generator.

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