Webdev Best Practices for 2019

In this episode we’re joined by Matt Stein of Working Concept to talk about what the landscape of frontend development looks like in 2019. We lead in with some amusing “from the trenches” development horror stories that embody what it’s like to do modern web development.

Then we move on to talking about a wide range of subjects, such as Docker, GatsbyJS, Gridsome, React, Vue.js, and a whole host of other tools and technologies that we’re either using or are excited to try out in 2019!

We then launch a rousing discussion of what skills really matter when it comes to being gainfully employed in the technology sector, and how we can weather the storm of the ever-changing technology stack.

And finally, we have a total non sequitur where Andrew’s upcoming Webperf plugin is discussed, and Andrew decides to take up yak herding instead.

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