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Listen the Frontend News #11 - the podcast about tech and front end innovations with our hosts - Chris and Tommy K. Looking for a team for your project? Ask us for free consultation on

What is Frontend News #11 about?

00:00 - Intro
00:47 - Contents
1:53 - Chrome 92 boosts PWA
PWA is Progressive Web Application - basically it is an application which can run in a browser and looks like an application:
5:18 - DevTools updates
DevTools is a set of tools for web developers built into Google Chrome.
8:47 - Node - Another great release
Node is the regular guest of Frontend News as a bellowed by Frontend House developers JavaScript runtime on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine:
10:38 - Happy Birthday Node!
11:00 - Maps and WebGL - what’s in common?
Web Graphics Library is a JavaScript API for rendering 3D and 2D graphics.
Check the video about projects for Google Maps:
13:29 - Electrifying Electron Release
Elektron is a framework which enables building native applications with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can check releases here:
14:44 - React Components Libraries

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