How to Build a Successful Software Development Team? - Experts Zone Talks #3 |

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Meet Experts Zone Talks - the podcast in which we will talk to experts from different fields of IT and get to know the secrets of the various It professions. Today there are some business topics in Experts Zone Talks studio! If you have any questions - ask us during a free consultation on​.

We will talk with Przemek PM Mikus - the COO of Frontend House and Liki MS. Get ready for a bunch of useful info about how to create a perfect software development team. In this episode about building a successful software development team you will find:

0:00​ - Intro
0:32​ - A few words about Przemek Mikus
1:52​ - Why is the team so important?
3:34​ - What are the steps of building successful software teams? In other words - what are the patterns in creating the right teams?
5:15​ - Independence of the team members
7:39​ - The software development team is always a cooperation of various specialists - UX/UI designers, projects managers, back and front end developers etc. Could the team function without one of these roles?
16:26​ - How does Przemek define a good team?
18:51​ - Different characters in the team.

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