How to Build MVP: Team, Challenges, Tips - Experts Zone Talks #11 |

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To test the idea and hypothesis, and to collect customers feedback, startups usually build an MVP of the project before the full version. MVP is the product with the minimum amount of features, which has the core functionality of your product.

Today we will talk with our CTO Chris about the process of MVP development and about pitfalls of Minimal Viable product creation. 💪

0:50 Does every startup need mvp?
1:59 How do we define and build MVP at Frontend House at Liki? What does the process of creation look like?
5:03 What information about my product I have to deliver to developers to start the process of MVP creation?
6:54 Do we need a large team to develop an MVP? What team members play a crucial role at this step?
10:00 What are the biggest challenges while building an MVP?
11:26 What is the next step after creating an MVP and collecting the feedback?
13:32 Have you ever met a situation when you have too much feedback and what has to be implemented?
14:16 What are the most popular clients’ mistakes?

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