How to Improve the Front End of Your Website? - Experts Zone Talks #2 |

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Meet Experts Zone Talks - the podcast in which we talk to experts from different fields of IT and get to know the secrets of the various IT professions.
Today in the EZ Talks #2 episode we will talk with Tomasz Madej - the front end developer at Frontend House. Tomek will show the front end development process behind the scenes. How to understand that the front end of an app or website needs improving? What skills have a key priority in front end development?
Have a nice listening and let us know about your impressions!

0:00​ - Intro
0:42​ - Few words about Tomasz
1:50​ - Why is front end so important?
3:12​ - How do you understand that the website or application needs improving?
4:56​ - What have I put attention to if I need a good-looking, good-working website or application with good conversions?
7:16​ - Which skills of a front end developer have a key priority in your opinion?
8:40​ - Can you share some tips on how to improve the front end?
10:40​ - Do you like your job?
11:32​ - What does perfect front end mean to you?
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