How to Make a Game? JavaScript, Tools and More - Experts Zone Talks #10 |

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In this 10th episode of EZ Talks we will discuss the process of game development in just one month during the internship.
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Play the game here:

0:00 Intro
1:41 Game screen sharing
4:30 Tommy tells about the process of game creation during the internships
6:55 How is it possible to build a game in a month with interns? In 2 weeks you built an entire game engine?
9:17 What was the biggest challenge in terms of the code and features?
10:04 How did you build the collision mechanism?
10:54 As a client, what do I need to build a game?
12:30 Is it worth it to build a game in JavaScript?
14:45 What tools do you use for game development?

2D: Phaser, Pixi.js,
3D: PlayCanvas, Three.js
AR: 8th wall, A-frame

17:59 How big a team should be to make a game?
19:27 What was the most pleasant part of the game development process?
20:50 What kind of projects we as a software house can handle?

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