How to start a career at a software studio? Internship - Experts Zone Talks #4 |

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Meet the 4th episode of Experts Zone Talks! Today we will talk with Junior Frontend Developer Piotr Czubak. Piotr will tell us about how to start career in IT and shares his experience.
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In "How to start a career at a software studio?" podcast:

00:34 - About Piotr.
03:03 - What did the process look like?
03:37 - What was the outcome of the internship?
04:53 - What was the idea of application?
06:15 - What about your first days at Liki?
07:47 - Is academic background important for developer work?
08:19 - How did the internship influence you?
09:30 - If you compare yourself when you first entered the Liki office and now - what is the difference?
10:43 - What do you think about the internship at Liki/Frontend House?

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