Management Practices to Bring Your Project to Success - Experts Zone #2 |

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Listen the Experts Zone podcast with Cezary Lewczuk about how to bring your project on the requirements stage to success. Cezary - the Project Manager at Frontend House - will share management practices that will help your project to prosper.

Experts Zone is the place where our professionals deliver the precious experience in design, development, project management and other fields. Concrete and useful information for you from your Frontend House experts.

In today’s Experts Zone #2 episode - Management Practices to Bring Your Project to Success - you will find:

0:00​ - Intro
0:45​ - Six factors to successful project. Definition of success
2:11​ - Project Life Cycle
3:15​ - Scoping. Defining the scope
4:11​ - Application for installers. Check also:
5:09​ - Roadmaps
6:40​ - Statement of work

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