New releases of JavaScript libraries - Frontend News #6 |

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Listen the Frontend News #6 - the podcast in which our hosts Chris and Tom share tech and front end innovations. Of course, you can always ask us any question during free consultation on​.

Today we will discuss:

0:00​ - Intro
1:40​ - Contents
2:18​ - Hermes support in iOS -​
3:30​ - Switch to Chrome to be safe - by Default -​
4:45​ - NASA in JS -​
6:17​ - React minor Release -​
7:43​ - Update for V8 Engine -​
9:38​ - Angular 12.0.0-Next.6 -​

Visit the WDI conference on 8-9th April, 2021 to listen the presentation by Tommy K:​

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