142: Data Ops with Douwe Maan

Sept. 12, 2022, 11:04 p.m. (1 year ago)

Douwe Maan’s journey sounds too fantastic to be true, yet the tale that Meltano’s founder shares with Jason and Patrick today is very, very real. Whether it’s about doing software development by 11, joining Gitlab while juggling college responsibilities, or building his own company during today’s challenging times, he has quite the story to tell. In today’s episode, he speaks on Twitter, his perspective on remote work, and why data operations are a critical part of developer stacks in today’s world.

00:01:00 Introductions

00:03:44 Hustling online at 11

00:08:08 From iOS to web-based development

00:10:20 How Douwe balanced school and work

00:12:05 Sid Sijbrandij

00:19:13 Why Twitter was integral in Douwe’s journey

00:21:01 What Meltano offers for data teams

00:22:01 Remote work

00:30:59 Gitlab’s data team and what they do

00:44:40 What tools do data engineers use

00:47:40 Singer

00:50:26 Game designer travails

00:58:59 Where data operations come in

01:05:12 Getting started with Meltano

01:12:00 Meltano as a company

01:22:09 Farewells

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Douwe Maan:




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