Joined by Jason Swett

[00:05:33] Jason introduces himself and tells us what he does. 

[00:06:48] Jason defines what a service object is and how he views them, and then asks the guys if they use service objects and what comes to mind when they hear the term service objects. 

[00:11:45] We find out about a blog post that Jason wrote recently that he tells us about. 

[00:13:49] Chris talks about good complicated examples are the hardest to come up with, and Jason tells us about a challenge he had with cases in his own work and he addresses something Chris said about testing. 

[00:17:01] We hear Jason’s hypothesis as to why service objects are so popular.

[00:22:48] Chris tells us about an app that he made that supports sub domains and custom domains, and he talks about Basecamp open source Name of Person gem and what it does.


[00:27:14] Jason talks about some distractions that they’ve come up in their app.

[00:30:51] A great point is brought up by Jason about paying close attention to the names of things in Rails you will notice everything is made out of objects. 

[00:32:29] An obstacle to learning about this stuff is that Rails itself obscures a lot, so Jason shares some recommendations on how to get through it.

[00:35:47] We learn more about Jason’s newest book he released on testing called, “The Complete Guide to Rails Testing.” (use code REMOTERUBY for an awesome discount!) 

[00:39:48] If the testing stuff sounds interesting to you and you want a sample of what Jason’s teaching, go to and get a little guide that he put together that helps you get started.  

[00:40:38] Find out where you can follow Jason online.


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