Aaron & Colleen from Hammerstone

[00:01:36] Colleen and Aaron introduce themselves and tell us what they do.


[00:03:04] There was a workshop at RailsConf that Colleen and Aaron had around Advanced Active Record and we learn about the purpose of the workshop. 


[00:04:42] We find out what Arel is and what it gives us, and how Laravel handles everything you need but in a different way.


[00:09:07] We find out where the query builders are in the process of launching for each side.


[00:10:57] Andrew wonders if Aaron used CSS variables to make it customizable or if he went with a manual approach, and Aaron tells us a problem they ran across.


[00:12:49] Jason asks if they are able to share the front-end libraries between both the Rails and Laravel one or if they’re shipping separately. 


[00:13:54] For the Rails side, Jason asks if they are mounting a Rails engine to access a query builder or how does someone access it once it’s in the app.


[00:16:06] Colleen and Aaron explain what it’s like to maintain feature parity between the two.


[00:20:56] We hear the story of how Colleen and Aaron ended up in a place where they’re both working on a product for two different frameworks, the beginnings of Refine, and how they met.


[00:27:40] Colleen tells us all about Simple File Upload, which is predominately a Heroku add-on, and how the adoption has been over the past year.


[00:31:18] Aaron tells us all about Torchlight, which is a syntax highlighter, and the positive responses he’s had from releasing this product.


[00:40:24] We learn all about using Serverless.


[00:44:02] Aaron shares his thoughts on what his experience has been coming from the outside world as a Laravel developer and going to RailsConf.


[00:48:17] Colleen shares what she’s going to talk about at The Rails SaaS Conference.


[00:52:32] Find out where you can follow Colleen and Aaron online and their podcasts. 




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