Andrew's first time working with legacy Rails applications

[00:01:55] Chris and Andrew chat about old and new video games and server issues.

[00:09:03] Chris asks Andrew what he’s been up to this week and anything exciting like RSpec Tests. Andrew tells us he’s been working on Legacy Rails 4 App which has been an interesting experience and a new challenge for him. Chris brings up his first Rails job out of college.

[00:15:28] Andrew tells us what his mentor taught him early in his career about having no idea about the circumstances or requirements surrounding the way certain things are done. He shares some great advice here.

[00:19:58] Chris talks about doing a few screencasts of downloading the earliest version of Rails he could find and trying to build something with it and then do Rails 2.3 or Rails 3.  Will he do it? Andrew is wondering if some of the assumptions he has about issues Chris is going to run into are going to be true or not.

[00:28:02] Andrew was trying to install a version of EventMachine, and he ran into an issue. He found a comment and got it to work. Listen to Andrew’s advice here as he stands on a soapbox. ☺

[00:33:56] Andrew talks about Dash, an API Documentation Browser, for macOS.

[00:39:36] Since Andrew is on this Rails 4 app, Chris wonders if he’s going to be upgrading it to Rails 5 and 6.

[00:42:38] Chris talks about his first job out of college and it was not the best experience.  Andrew talks about companies and having a problem where there is some code somewhere in your application or something works a certain way because one customer depends on it and having to live with that code to not make the customer mad. 

[00:51:12] We end the episode by Chris telling Andrew he has to go get tested for COVID since his sister has it. He has no symptoms, so he’s hopeful it will be negative. 

Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason


Dash for macOS

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