Andy Croll on First Ruby Friend, RubyConfMini and more

Oct. 7, 2022, noon (2 months ago)

[00:03:02] Andy tells us some details about RubyConf Mini coming up in November, as well as RubyConf in Houston, TX.

[00:08:10] Jason wonders if RubyConf Mini is unique to this year or if it’s something that Andy could see happening in the future.

[00:12:35] We hear more about the Ruby Friends program that Andy started and he explains how it was born out of frustration.

[00:18:29] Find out how many people are currently in the Ruby Friends program and benefit of being a mentor.

[00:21:25] Jason talks about how refreshing it’s been being a mentor, meeting all the friends along the way, and his new Ruby friend.

[00:24:04] Andy explains the key things in a mentor/mentee relationship to make it work.

[00:26:02] We find out if Andy’s been able to get all the applicants looking for mentorship paired up with someone.

[00:27:56] Andy mentioned he was not trying to fix the hiring process yet, and Jason wonders if he’s thought about it.

[00:32:00] Chris brings up how he started making videos to help newer people when he was only a few years into doing Rails, and Andy talks about how videos are a different kind of learning and a great book he read called, Sustainable Web Development with Ruby on Rails.


[00:34:31] The conversation turns to the guys discussing Authentication and Authentication Zero. 

[00:41:28] Jason talks about the app he built earlier this year and how he went with the Rails has secure password approach.

[00:42:18] Find out all the places you can follow Andy on the web.


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