Andy Croll - Railsconf - Free Chicken

Feb. 23, 2024, 4 p.m. (1 month, 4 weeks ago)

In this episode, we jump straight into a candid conversation with Jason, who
humorously contemplates how to kick things off, earning him the title of “recovering
podcaster” from Chris after a whirlwind month of Ruby discussions without him. We also
have the charming Andy Croll back, ready to dive into opinions, insights, and personal
stories. With RailsConf on the horizon, the conversation brings us to discussing Andy’s
role with Ruby Central and his efforts to revitalize the conference experience. As they
navigate through conference planning challenges and the spirit of the community that
defines the Ruby world, this episode promises a mix of laughter and encouragement for
RailsConf attendees, and an enthusiastic invitation from Andy to join what set to be a
memorable and engaging event. Press download now to hear more!

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