Announcing RubyRadar, new Rails 7 features, and Turbo Native Registration

June 4, 2021, 5:02 a.m. (1 year, 6 months ago)

[00:00:49] Andrew tells us Brittany Martin released a great podcast episode with Evan Phoenix and Marty Haught, about behind the scenes of Railsconf, and a story about how a man’s submarine was running Ruby. 

[00:04:56] We hear about Andrew’s move and the crazy things that happened before he moved, which included his house catching on fire and finding a place to live in Arizona during a housing shortage, and his experience shopping for furniture at IKEA for the first time in his life! ☺

[00:11:40] Andrew talks about smart home he lives in now, getting Raspberry Pi 3, and going all out Apple buying an iPad, TV, an HomePod mini. Also, Chris and Andrew talk about the Nanoleaf shape hexagon lights that they think are so cool.  

[00:17:03] Chris and Andrew discuss what’s new in Ruby on Rails land, and newsletters are discussed.  Andrew tells us about Inoreader that he’s a huge fan of!  He also announces a newsletter that he’s doing with Collin Jilbert called, Ruby Radar. 

[00:24:14] Some other news in the Rails world, we find out although there are no signs of when Rails 7 is shipping, there is at least some nice summaries of what’s changed, and Chris and Andrew discuss the improvements. 

[00:30:35] Andrew brings up a Tweet that was on the Ruby on Rails account and a question about which debugging drop in do you use. Chris talks about Crystal and checking out LuckyCasts videos. 


[00:36:18] Chris tells us he just merged the Turbo Native registration into Jumpstart and the Swift iOS app. 

[00:39:22] Andrew brings up a previous episode with Joe Masilotti, where he talked about iOS related stuff, that’s worth listening to if you haven’t yet.

[00:42:07] We find out that RubyConf 2021 is happening this November in-person! 


Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason




Ruby on Rails Podcast-Episode 372: The Railsconf 2021 Story with Marty Haught and Evan Phoenix


Raspberry Pi 3

Apple iPad

Apple TV

Apple HomePod mini

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit


Ruby Radar

Ruby on Rails Twitter


Remote Ruby Podcast-Episode 127-“Building iOS apps using Hotwire/Turbo” with Joe Masilotti

RubyConf 2021

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