Autoscaling Rails with Adam McCrea

Jan. 21, 2022, 1 p.m. (10 months, 2 weeks ago)

[00:01:10] Adam tells us a little bit about himself and how he got into this field. 

[00:03:48] We learn more about Adam’s career path from edge case to Rails Autoscale. 

[00:05:09] Adam gives us a rundown of what Rails Autoscale is and the problem it solves.

[00:06:41] Andrew wonders if Rails Autoscale will help if you don’t have enough memory, and Adam tells us the solution for this.

[00:09:39] Adam fills us in on the support load he gets and the kind of support he gives.

[00:10:39] Find out how Rails Autoscale is different compared to other autoscalers Adam tried.


[00:16:05] If you’re wondering when Rails Autoscale is right for you, Adam tells us. Also, he announces that he’s working on a new autoscaler that’s going to be language- agnostic on Heroku.

[00:17:41] Andrew wonders what prompted Adam to do this for other languages, and he tells us how the development has been so far.


[00:20:28] We learn how the experience has been for Adam building an app within the Heroku marketplace. 

[00:22:37] Andrew asks Adam if he ever thought of making a bunch of fake accounts. ☺

[00:23:50] Is YNAB a Rails app? Adam explains more about it and the team there. 

[00:26:26] Adam’s been in the Ruby community for a long time, so we find out what he’s currently excited about, and where you can find him online.


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