Bridgetown 1.0 with Jared White

[00:05:08] Jared tells us about himself, what he does, and how Bridgetown was born.

[00:09:45] Andrew plugs going on GitHub and sponsoring Jared.

[00:10:15] Bridgetown 1.0 is almost here, and Jared tells us more.  

[00:15:47] We find out what else is new in Bridgetown since the guys last talked.  He tells us more about how he used Roda.

[00:23:41] Chris asks Jared if he ever thought about using a Turbo Frame for the little snippet of HTML that he wants to lazy load, and Andrew explains how the new Bridgetown seems faster. 

[00:26:16] Jared shares how he sees Bridgetown now versus what’s in the future. 

[00:30:26] Andrew talks about a blog post Jared wrote.

[00:33:37] The guys chat about WebAssembly stuff.

[00:36:13] Jared tells us something he’s been excited about recently is everything GitHub is doing with GitHub Codespaces.


[00:37:15] Jared goes over a few more things about Bridgetown v1.

[00:41:37] Find out where you can follow Jared online.


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