Bridgetown Ruby with Jared White

[00:06:06] Jared gives us a summary of who he is, what he does, and how Bridgetown started.  Let’s just say it was a wild ride! 

[00:018:11] Jared talks about defaults and how they are vital with any static site generator.  Chris talks about contributing a generate page or generate page command for anybody who’s never done this before.  

[00:22:32] Chris mentions he’s built a few static sights recently and he was questioning going the Gatsby route or something else. He says it’s nice to have Bridgetown and explains why. 

[00:23:45] Jared talks about the core team working on Jekyll right now, GitHub has been pretty steady for a long time, but it’s just been a really slow release cycle to get things changed. His take on it is, you either give up or you step it up! ☺

[00:28:00] Jared brings up a new project called, Redwood.js, which is headed up by Tom Preston- Werner, who is the guy who invented Jekyll as well as GitHub.  Jason looks at the Redwood site and how it’s organized and has a few comments to add about it. 

[00:37:30] Andrew talks about why Gatsby is so popular because of their theming. Also, Gatsby released something called, “Recipes” and he explains it. He asks Jared since Bridgetown is pre-1.0 is there is any danger to running it in production and he wonders if this is something he could put in his Rails App.  Jared answers these questions. 

[00:40:55] Andrew tells us his dream use of Bridgetown here. Jared tells us something they are cooking up with the liquid template engine that Bridgestone uses. 

[00:44:47] Chris asks Jared, since these are static sites, is this something where you might go and make the call of having turbo links on by default because it wouldn’t hurt anything, and you’d be able to get quicker page views? Jared mentions swup.js. and explains. 

[00:50:46] Andrew gives us some advice on what you should use if you are maintaining a gem where there is a JavaScript package and a Ruby Gem.  He also mentions a gem post install command in Stimulus Reflex.

[00:55:05] If you want to support, have questions, or comments, Jared mentions going to which is a forum you can get started on. 




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