Building iOS apps using Hotwire / Turbo.js with Joe Masilotti

April 30, 2021, noon (1 year, 7 months ago)

[00:01:59] Jason tells us about WNB.rb, which is a new virtual community for women and non-binary Rubyists to get involved in. 

[00:03:23] Joe tells us all about himself and what he does. 

[00:05:08] We learn how it was in the early days when Joe was just using the Turbolinks version. 

[00:09:20] Joe tells us things he’s built in the past especially when people are trying to convert their app to mobile.

[00:13:48] JavaScript Bridge is talked about, how to use it, and how Joe learned about it.

[00:19:48] Joe explains Progressive Enhancement.


[00:22:51] Joe touches on the concept of the Path Configuration and he explains what it does.

[00:29:39] Find out Joe’s thoughts on Authentication. Do we have to do OAuth and all that? Joe and Chris also mention the Turbo Failure App and the Turbo Native App.

[00:36:52] Jason asks Joe if he’s had any trouble with the App store in terms of approval processes.

[00:38:54] Chris wonders if you do payments, will you have to use Stripes Mobile SDK instead of the web version or do you have to go through the App store payments.

[00:41:06] Joe tells us the process of when you build your app and get it working, how to test it on your phone and submit it to the app store. He mentions using TestFlight and using a Ruby gem called fastlane.

[00:46:08] Joe talks about Android and how a lot of the same approaches from iOS will apply for your Android. 

[00:49:58] Find out where you can follow Joe on the internet.


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason


Joe Masilotti




Joe Masilotti Twitter

Joe Masilotti Website

WNB.rb Twitter

“Multiple Device support with Request Variants in Rails” by Chis Oliver (GoRails)

“Hybrid iOS apps with Turbo-Part 4: The JavaScript bridge” by Joe Masilotti

SF Symbols 2

“Hybrid iOS apps with Turbo-Part 5: Native authentication” by Joe Masilotti



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