Building Marketplaces in Rails & Stripe Connect

April 9, 2021, noon (1 year, 7 months ago)

[00:01:51] Jason tells us he’s been on “bug rotation” at Podia this week and he shares how they do it.

[00:05:53] Chris explains how he was working on some Rewardful stuff.

[00:08:00] Jason announces Andrea Fomera has released her Hotwire course and some great things that have happened with that.


[00:12:05] Jason tells us about a new side project he’s been working on which is an 

E-commerce platform for physical goods aimed towards print shops. He picks Chris’s brain about payment gotchas he’s come across.

[00:16:48] The guys chat about Stripe and Stripe Connect.

[00:22:03] Chris asks Jason if he’s using OAuth connection or the Account linking and explains why he finds it very convenient. 

[00:23:55] Chris talks about the different complexities in marketplaces.

[00:26:23] Paddle, which is built on top of Stripe, is explained by Chris. 

[00:27:52] Chris explains the differences in Stripe and Braintree. 

[00:29:28] Jason shares he’s had a lot of edge cases lately, explains what’s been going on, and Chris helps him out.


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver




Learn Hotwire by Building a Forum by Andrea Fomera



Stripe Connect



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