Chain Smoking for Vaccines, Delegated Types, and Creating Courses

[00:01:00] The guys chat about what happened this week in their lives, getting COVID vaccines, and Chris trying to get a title transferred on an old car.

[00:10:57] Andrew poses a question to Jason and Chris which has to do with Delegated Types. Chris and Jason have a discussion about using it.

[00:17:13] Chris mentions pagination being a problem and how querying and then merging could work. After having the discussion, Andrew says it all makes sense to him.


[00:22:14] Jason tells us about a pretty gnarly JSONB data migration he had to write this week.


[00:24:16] Chris tells us he got his RailsConf talk approved and what it’s about.

[00:26:19] Andrew asks the guys for advice on what their process is on building a course because he started to make a VS course for Rails and he’s trying to figure out a system. Is it a HAML course?

[00:32:46 Andrew asks Jason’s advice about the right time to register for Podia.

[00:38:21] Since Andrew is in the process of making his course, Jason tells Andrew since he’s a VS code user, he would love to see something tailored towards Ruby developers.


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason



Job Openings:


Spectora-Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails/JavaScript) Wanted


Active Record-Delegated Types

Giphy-Achievement Hunter

RailsConf 2021

Chris' Railsconf talk

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