Collin Jilbert: Bootcamps, Ruby Radar, and finding a job as a Junior Rails Developer

July 23, 2021, noon (1 year, 4 months ago)

[00:01:46] Collin gives us his background and getting into the programming world. 


[00:03:24] Collin fills us in on why he decided to do a part-time Bootcamp instead of a full-time one, and Chris wonders if the slower pace helped him retain knowledge.

[00:06:28] Find out about the kind of projects Collin did at the Bootcamp.

[00:08:21] Andrew ask Collin for his opinion on why they hit Sinatra before Rails.

[00:11:06] Chris wonders how the support was set up when Collin walked into some problem that he couldn’t solve and who helped him out.

[00:15:27] Collin gives us his thoughts on going full-time versus part-time, and if either one is harder. 

[00:23:54] Andrew and Collin discuss working on furthering your education, doing side projects, and how continuing to work after work is not good. Also, Collin tells us if he would recommend people do a Bootcamp.

[00:26:42] When Bootcamp is nearing the end, Collin talks about how they connect you with a career coach to help you get a job. Also, finding a Junior Rails job is so rare to find now and he tells us how he approached it. 

[00:30:14] Andrew asks Collin if people should still be learning Ruby in Bootcamps.

[00:31:01] Andrew brings up one of their objectives for starting Ruby Radar.

[00:34:09] Collin shares some great advice to Ruby Junior Developers since he is one and has a job as one. He gives a shout-out to “Ruby for Good” since they were super helpful to him. Chris and Andrew have a few pieces of advice they share as well.

[00:40:14] Find out where you can follow Collin on the Interwebs.

[00:40:52] We end with Andrew and Collin talking about Ruby Radar, and Collin announces if you have anything to share about yourself to drop them a blurb because they want to do some Junior Spotlight stuff. 


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