🎉 Episode 100!! Upgrading Rails with Ernesto Tagwerker

Oct. 30, 2020, noon (2 years, 11 months ago)

[00:05:18] Ernesto gives us an introduction of who he is and what he does.

[00:10:43] Ernesto talks about the last RailsConf in Minneapolis when they were all together. Andrew talks about wanting to upgrade a Rails App and how he came across Ernesto’s FastRuby that had great content, which is why he asked him to be on the show today. 

[00:12:39] We learn about FastRuby.io from Ernesto. He also talks about the kinds of things you need to think about before you upgrade Rails and what to do if your Test Suite isn’t that great. 

[00:17:51] Ernesto tells us his dream gem.  Chris talks about a Chrome extension that would help write system tests based on what you wrote in the browser, and Andrew mentions the name of that gem which is “Heaven’s Door.”


[00:21:08] We learn besides having a good Test Suite, the next thing you need before upgrading Rails is to have a continuous integration working, and Ernesto explains this.

[00:22:21] Andrew talks about Dual Booting Rails and he’s interested in it but needs to explore it more because it sounds complicated. He asks Ernesto to explain some common issues he runs across. 

[00:24:12] Chris wonders if Ernesto encourages people, once they get up to Rails 6, to continue Dual Booting against Rails Master.  Ernesto talks about an article they have that talks about how to stay up to date so that this painful Rails upgrade process doesn’t happen again. Andrew gives advice to strongly version your gems in your gem file which he promises will make your life easier! ☺

[00:27:18] Jason is interested in the idea of running a build against a master Rails and he’s curious how to temper that. Chris talks about fiddling with the Appraisal Gem.

[00:30:51] Ernesto talks about how he recently started maintaining a gem called RubyCritic, and he explains what it does. 

[00:34:09] Chris asks Ernesto how much he sees Ruby related things needing to be fixed when you’re upgrading apps versus gems and rails configuration things. He mentions Rails LTS, which is long time support for Rails.

[00:36:59] Ernesto tells us a new service they are working on called, State Updated Service, which is a Rails service to keep your application up to date. 

[00:41:59] Ernesto gives a list of resources that people can look at to upgrade their Rails App.


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Ernesto Tagwerker-Open Source: When Nights and Weekends Are Not Enough-Southeast Ruby 2017- YouTube

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How to Stay Up to date with Your Rails Application



Rails LTS

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