Exploring Dependabot-Unraveling Rails LSP-Vim Customization

Feb. 16, 2024, 1 p.m. (2 months ago)

In this episode, join Chris and Andrew as they kick things off with Chris’s rant about
computer hardware woes. Andrew contrasts this with tales of automation mishaps and
a firm stance on avoiding Windows, while Chris plans to leverage Proxmox for versatile
virtual machine testing. They touch on past experiences with Hackintosh, the merits of
various software management tools like Homebrew and asdf, and the intricacies of Rust
programming. They explore into the world of SQL learning and the hype around SQLite
and share tips for managing VS Code extensions and the quirks of using MacVim. The
conversation also covers the challenges and solutions for Dependabot configuration,
the business model behind AnyCable, and the lack of a killer app for Apple’s latest tech
offering. Hit download now to hear more!

Honeybadger is an application health monitoring tool built by developers for developers.

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