Exploring HEY's Gemfile

July 10, 2020, 1 p.m. (3 years, 4 months ago)

Welcome to Remote Ruby!  The guys are all back together this week! In the last episode, COVID-19 was talked about, so the guys want to shift the focus to new and better things happening in the Gem world, like DHH’s Hey’s Gemfile and Basecamps Gemfile.  Jason made an Avatar Component and how he uses formBuilder. They guys also talk about WebAuthn Gem, Two-factor Authentication, and Turbolinks. There are some newer Gems out there they discuss as well and some of their favorites.  Jason brings back another question of the week to see if it will get answered. Will Jason’s secret question get answered? Download this episode now! 

[00:04:21] The guys chat about DHH’s Hey’s Gemfile, Basecamps Gemfile, Rescue, Sidekiq, and Sprocket.

[00:09:26] Jason tells us about how he entertained trying to put a Bootstrap theme in to try it and it was a nightmare. Chris tells us what he likes about Bootstrap components.  

[00:17:00] Jason tells us he made an Avatar Component because he uses Avatar’s a lot. Andrew chimes in and explains how you don’t want your components to be customizable, you want your layout to be customizable. He also tells us there’s been an update to the Tailwind CSS IntelliSense plugin in VS Code.  

[00:20:43] Jason talks about using formBuilder and Chris says it doesn’t get the attention it needs because it’s such a nice tool to have. 


[00:24:01] Chris jumps back to talking about Hey’s GemFile, and asks the guys if they’ve seen the basecamp/okra and the actiontext fork using the okra branch and if they’ve heard any of the changes that are coming? He also mentions an article that came out about the new Turbolinks frames stuff.

[00:32:34] Chris talks about how he’s excited to see them use WebAuthn Gem and about using Two-Factor Authentication. 

[00:35:52] Jason fills us in on a newer Gem called Break and Solargraph in VS Code. Chris points out a Gem called Geared Pagination and his favorite one called Pagy, which he uses for everything.   

[00:43:20] Jason tells us that the Active Record encryption stuff that DHH talked about is going into Rails eventually. Also, he’s been using a couple of others which are Lockbox and Blind Index.

[00:45:17] Jason’s question of the week is, “When are we going to get authentication in Rails?”

[00:47:57] Andrew mentions a Gem called “console1984” that DHH is going to get up streamed into Rails and Sentry. Jason mentions local time and timestamp. 




Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason


Hey’s Gemfile

Headwind-Tailwind CSS class sorter for VS Code

Tailwind CSS IntelliSense

Geared Pagination-GitHub









Blind Index



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