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On today’s episode, Chris and Andrew have brought back their good friend, Steve Polito, to give us an update on his new job! Yes, he got a job after being a guest on our podcast! 😄 He will fill us in on what the interviewing process was like, what he does at his new job, how GitHub has helped him, and helpful advice on things he’s learned in the process of finding of job that he will share with you. Chris and Andrew share some stories and advice as well. 

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[00:01:23] Steve gives up an update on where he was when he was on the show last time and where he’s at now. 

[00:09:25] Steve lets us know what his interview process was like and he tells us about the stack he’s using in his new position as a Rails developer.

[00:15:19] Chris talks about building your own confidence and Steve brings up “imposter syndrome” and what to do if you have it. 

[00:20:25] Steve tells us if you’re looking for work or looking to improve your workflow, he’s heavily into using GitHub. 

[00:25:35] Steve mentions Chris was great in mentoring him with his first PR ever and he explains how it’s such good practice to make them.

[00:31:56] Chris asks Steve of he’s had moments where he feels like he has no idea what this code does and you feel lost looking at some of this stuff or have they been pretty good about him feeling lost but just to come ask us and we’ll walk you through it. 

[00:37:22] Chris tells us what he does for an interview kind of question and how they just want to see how you make it work first, then extract it, clean it up and make it testable and reusable. Andrew shares some advice too. 

[00:39:54] Steve lets us know a very helpful soft skill to have is being able to read the docs and he explains. Andrew and Chris share some stories as well.  

[00:50:47] We wrap up with Steve giving advice for anyone looking for a job and where to find him if you want to reach out to him. 


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