For the love of Sass & Podia's new Free plan

June 17, 2022, noon (1 year, 5 months ago)

[00:01:18] Bridgetown 1.1 beta is out, we hear what kind of cool stuff it does, and a demo Andrew did for Bridgetown Torchlight.

[00:08:54] Jason brings up Podia’s UI library and the problems they had with it, and Andrew tells him he’s been plotting to pull the library back out. 

[00:12:42] Why does Andrew hate Sass?

[00:15:34] The guys chat about Safari, issues with it, and how they’re getting better. Andrew talks about a Raindrop extension that can also be done on your phone.

[00:17:53] The Sass Movement and CoffeeScript Movement is brought up, and Jason explains why he likes ERB, ES6, and CSS, and Chris talks about JavaScript.

[00:21:29] Chris gives us an update of his house, we find out about Andrew’s new house, and the guys chat about fiber internet and usage.

[00:25:57] Jason started working on his Active Record course that he put down for a bit and he tells us about the lessons he added.

[00:28:13] Chris brings up a talk from some people who worked at GitHub where they talked about designing the “diff page.”

[00:31:01] What hear about some new things that Jason, Andrew, and other people at Podia, have been working on, and one of them is free! We also hear about an issue with subscriptions and Stripe Payment Element and how it was resolved, and Chris explains an approach he did with a similar issue he had.


[00:46:42] Andrew tells us why they had to stop everything and restart some things is because the information they wanted to change didn’t work for subscriptions, and Chris shares a solution that helped him with that same issue.

[00:50:29] Find out some great benefits of making friends in the Ruby community, and Jason explains the “freemium” work they’re doing with the new tier at Podia.

[00:54:38] Andrew talks about the Rails Extension Power Pack he just released. 


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Bridgetown Torchlight Demo

Bridgetown feat: add HTML & XML Inspectors API using Nokogiri

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