Futurism, Jumpstart, and Javascript Dependencies

[00:02:20] Andrew and Chris chat about Slim, Tailwind, and Components.  They also mention Steve Schoger and Adam Wathan, who are the creators, designers, and developers of Tailwind CSS, and how they built this framework and then taught you how to use it. 

[00:08:32] Andrew talks about why he’s been invested in Tailwind since college. Chris talks about how you can a lot of Bootstrap themes in Tailwind. The guys also discuss GitHub and Patreon sponsorships.

[00:14:57] Webpack configs is talked about here with node modules and peer dependencies. 

[00:19:34] Andrew talks about rails developers and how their packages could be bundled and shipped better. The guys also discuss the Pika Pack and what it does.

[00:22:58] Julian Rubisch published another awesome Gem which is a modern version of the render async library.

[00:27:50] Andrew brings up a story about a scarier version and goes back to the table example.  Chris explains how he’s had to deal with this on Hatchbox and he tells us to check out Futurism.  

[00:31:29] Andrew takes a moment to appreciate the graphic that render async has on their README that is freaking awesome! ☺

[00:32:05] On the non-programming side, Chris talks about designing his new house and the process he’s been going through, which has been interesting. 

[00:36:41] Andrew updates us on his job search and Chris has a few stories about past interviews he’s had.  

[00:45:11] The guys chat about the new Slots API View Component.

[00:57:56] Andrew tells us what’s in the new Jumpstart App and he tells us how he used Tailblocks when he redid Jason’s site on Bridgetown. 



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