Getting a Junior Developer Job with Jason Meller and Caitlin Cabrera

[00:02:40] Jason gives us an explanation of what Kolide is, how they found Caitlin, and why they decided to hire her.

[00:06:09] Andrew asks Jason when he was looking for someone for a mid to senior position, and what led him to believe that maybe that’s someone who doesn’t fit into a senior category but can still have the impact of someone with a senior paycheck.

[00:08:42] Find out the most impactful thing that Andrew’s company did for him as a Junior Developer, and Caitlin shares her journey to how she got to her current position.

[00:16:04] With Caitlin doing the contract work and getting experience before getting her first job, Chris wonders if that helped her when she was applying.

[00:17:25] We find out how the interview process was for Caitlin and Jason explains the process the team came up with for her interview.

[00:23:53] Jason tells us what makes a good interview and Caitlin and Andrew share some great interviewing tips. 

[00:28:25] Andrew asks Caitlin if any of her interviews were actually good ones and if there were any jobs she would have felt miserable working at. 

[00:30:36] Andrew talks about platforms out there to get help if you are a bad interviewer, and Jason explains more about the management way shifting towards employers learning a style of interviewing to get what they need out of the process.

[00:33:34] Jason tells us some big challenges he’s experiencing being an interviewer, and he shares something he didn’t know about bootcamps. 


[00:37:52] If you’re a Junior out there looking for a job, Caitlin shares some advice and words of wisdom. 

[00:41:18] Chris wonders what Jason’s strategy is on making sure that Caitlin is well supported and can get questions answered and absorb everything she can to flourish at Kolide.

[00:49:32] We end with a deep conversation on ADHD. 

[00:57:43] Jason announces Kolide is hiring! 


Chris Oliver

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Jason Meller

Caitlin Cabrera




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