Getting started in Ruby & Rails with Will Johnson

Oct. 16, 2020, noon (2 years, 1 month ago)

[00:00:25] What have the guys been up to? Jason tells us he’s been working on his editor project with Reflex and Cable Ready, Chris has been working on Stimulus Reflex, and Andrew’s project is trying to truncate a table that has 225 million records in it! Yikes! Fingers crossed for Andrew! 

[00:07:20] Will tells us all about himself and how he got into Rails. 

[00:09:02] Will gives us a synopsis of his E-book, Break Into Tech With Twitter, that was released a few weeks ago. 

[00:10:21] Andrew asks Will, as a newer developer, what it’s like transitioning from JavaScript into Ruby on Rails.

[00:12:40] Chris wonders if going from JavaScript with all the call backs into Ruby if it was hard for Will to wrap his head around the way the language operates differently.

[00:15:12] Jason asks Will if his experience with JavaScript was front end or backend. Also, how difficult was it knowing JavaScript, which is a programming language for the front end, and then trying to apply the concepts to serve -side programming.

[00:16:26] Will tells us his super cool and inspirational story of his background. Also, he tells us about his current job at Egghead and if he thinks he will be there for a long time.  

[00:32:21] Andrew asks Will what he’s doing to keep up on his learning around Rails. 

[00:34:16] Chris and Jason share some great resources for beginners.

[00:36:27] Will shares some things that he found that worked for him when he first started out, in terms of learning more about Ruby. He talks about how he didn’t get models.

[00:43:48] Will tells us where we can find him online. 


Jason Charnes

Andrew Mason

Chris Oliver


Will Johnson




Will Johnson Twitter

Will Johnson Blog

Break Into Tech With Twitter by Will Johnson




Rails Tutorial

Metaprogramming Ruby: Program Like the Ruby Pros by Paola Perrotta

Eloquent Ruby by Russ Olsen


Rails for Zombies

Agile Web Development with Rails 5.1 by Sam Ruby, David B. Copeland, and Dave Thomas

GoRails-“The Rails Params Hash Explained” by Chris Oliver

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