Hotwire, Rails NEXT, and the DHH Stack™ with David Heinemeier Hansson

Jan. 19, 2021, 2 p.m. (2 years, 4 months ago)

[00:00:34] DHH jumps right into telling us what the response has been to Hotwire and how Basecamp has felt about the response.

[00:04:02] DHH talks about a book they published in 2013 and mentions to “wait for the pendulum to come your way,” and how this relates to Hotwire. He also talks about Turbo.

[00:08:06] Since Hotwire, the whole package, is a separate gem you bring in, Jason asks DHH if long term, that will continue to be the case or if that will ship with Rails.


[00:15:39] Rails 7 is brought up by DHH and how there is work to be done. 


[00:19:39] Jason mentions to DHH there are a lot of questions about Strada and Mobile, Mobile, Mobile and asks him how the missing piece “air quotes” fits into the Hotwire package.

[00:25:54] Chris is curious and asks DHH how he stumbled on using HTML more. Find out what DHH calls fascinating moments.

[00:38:00] Jason wonders if DHH has any new ideas or anything he’s worked up from Basecamp that he might want to extract for Rails 7.


[00:42:44] DHH tells us what it looks like for him when he’s starting a new project. 

[00:51:11] Andrew asks DHH what he would say to the Junior Developers out there who are learning Rails and being told by their Bootcamps, friends, or the community at large that Rails is slow, they’re never going to find a job, and they have to write React. 


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