How Chris and Andrew Became 10X Black Hats

[00:00:51] Chris gives a shout-out to Adam McCrea, the Developer behind the Rails
Autoscale for Heroku, and how he grew the product over the course of three years and
had $300,000 in annual revenue. He was recently talking about it on an episode of
“Startups For the Rest of Us.”

[00:02:21] The guys talk about feeling burnt out, Chris going on vacation in two weeks,
Andrew needing a massage or float therapy, and good books to read.

[00:08:48] Andrew tells us he is slowly working his way through meta programming
Ruby and starting to read how to take smarter notes.

[00:11:12] The topic here is about taking good notes. Learn about a cool app that
Andrew likes to use for quick capture called Draft. He also tells us about his Obsidian
database you can check out on Chris tells us about writing blog
posts and using Notational Velocity that stores and retrieves notes.

[00:23:10] Andrew and Chris talk about integrations being the key to the game,
especially as no code gets more popular, and coming up with product ideas using no-
code apps, and they mention using Zapier, IFTTT, and Automate.

[00:26:28] Chris tells us one of his long-term goals for Jumpstart which has to do with
having the ability to send and receive web hooks with Zapier. He mentions to hit him up
if you are using Jumpstart Pro and want to integrate with Zapier.

[00:29:12] Andrew asks Chris if he saw the Tweet from Patrick Collison from Stripe
about 170% faster Ruby.

[00:35:38] Chris dates himself and has stories to tell that start off with flash drives being
popular and a portable apps community he was into. Andrew tells us he somehow
figured out the WIFI password every year in high school and got caught. Chris and
Andrew share more “high school hacker” stories and expose themselves as 10X Black
Hats! ☺


Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason




Ruby Radar

Ruby Radar Twitter

What is Floatation Therapy? Here’s what to expect.

Startups For the Rest of Us-Episode 556-Zero to $26k MRR as the Solo Founder of Rails Autoscale

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

How Buildings Work: The Natural Order of Architecture by Edward Allen and David Swoboda

Drafts Mason’s random ideas, highlights, notes, and more


Notational Velocity




Patrick Collison Tweet

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