How Thoughtbot Works with Steve “Four-peat” Polito

[00:09:02] We find out what Steve is doing now and what he did before thoughtbot.

[00:13:30] Steve explains how the team works at thoughtbot.

[00:17:00] Since people roll in and out of the team, how does Steve manage to bring someone up to speed quickly?

[00:20:02] We learn what the onboarding process is when they get new clients so the team can easily jump in.

[00:23:46] Jason brings up a thoughtbot gem called Suspenders and Steve tells us more about it.

[00:25:26] Steve explains how working at IMPACT set him up for what he’s doing now. 

[00:29:26] Andrew wants to know what Steve’s response would be to someone asking him to stop building maintainable software and just pump out code.  

[00:31:39] Chris wonders if Steve works with their client’s developers or his own team.

[00:33:45] Steve spoke earlier about leaving notes using the Rails Note tool and how important is to comment, and Jason highlights why he thinks that is so important. 


[00:35:20] We find out some other things Steve’s working on besides finishing up on building Rails Auth from scratch. 


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Steve Polito




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