Its Always Sinny In Las Vegas aka Sin City Ruby

April 8, 2022, noon (7 months, 3 weeks ago)

[00:00:58] It’s Day 1, Jason and Andrea got to ride in Andrew’s mustang and Jason now feels like a cool, hip Boomer and Andrew is sporting the Adidas wardrobe as usual. 

[00:04:11] The guys tell us that Drew Bragg gave one of the most entertaining and engaging talks they’ve ever seen, as well as Chris Seaton from Shopify. 

[00:05:11] The guys discuss some other great talks with Kelly Sutton, talking about Sidekick, Matthias Lee, a twelve-year old, who gave a great talk on the history of Vim, and Thai Wood who did an engaging talk on incident response.

[00:10:21] In case you’re wondering what happened at lunchtime, Andrew went swimming, Jason had a frozen strawberry margarita, and Andrea Fomera had a fantastic talk on the upgrading process for Rails.

[00:13:58] Is it Day 2 or Day 9? The guys chat about Brittany Martin’s talk on, “What it’s like to the be the technical person on the call,” which had some really interesting ideas.

[00:16:58] If you need a break from the Vegas strip, the guys tell us about The Neon Museum, the light show they saw there, and going to downtown Vegas which was a ton of fun. We hear a story of Andrew getting carded at the Roulette table.

[00:19:46] We hear about the Evil Knievel themed pizza place the guys went to called Evil Pie. The first talk of Day 2 was with Ivy Evans and her talk on security, and Andrew tells us about an interesting podcast called, Darknet Diaries.

[00:22:45] The next talk is Nikita Vasilevsky, where he talked about “Do you test your tests,” and then the talk with Andrew Culver, creator of Bullet Train.


[00:25:53] Jason posterized Andrew, and we learn more about Colleen Schnettler’s talk on Arel, Nick Schwaderer’s talk on the gem Hobix, and Jason’s amazing talk which Andrew raves about!

[00:36:27] Find out about the guys racing experience, and what their favorite part of the conference was and their favorite meal. ☺


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