Jason and Andrew Answer the Twitters

[00:02:40] The first Tweet is: Haml? Jason does two live readings of a Haml file. 

[00:05:24] Next question: Someone wants to know how to cope with the feeling of Rails moving too fast. Is it utopia?

[00:09:18] Next question: How is YAML pronounced?

[00:09:23] Next Tweet: You should talk about Andrew’s awesome buddy, Andrea! 

[00:11:23] Next question: When is Rails 8 coming out?  

[00:17:15] Next Tweet: Someone tweeted about Sonic Pi, which is a code-based music creation and performance tool. 

[00:18:20] Next question: Tabs or Spaces? Find out why this pun was so good and why it made Andrew angry. 

[00:18:51] Next question: Can you talk about Alfred?

[00:22:19] Next Tweet: Someone said, Avo HQ (just kidding) and any open source communities you know about and what makes them cool.

[00:23:31] Next question: How much fun did you both have recording Code and the Coding Coders who Code it with Drew Bragg? The guys have a shining Brittany moment.

[00:25:28] Next question: Four topics in one Tweet, One underrated gem each. 

[00:28:07] Next Tweet: Andrew’s path to Podia, which includes a story of Jason buying him lobster ☺.

[00:31:10] Next question: What is Jason going to talk about at Sin City Ruby?

[00:34:27] Next question: Why is Laravel so great? Jason announces he wants to do an entire episode on this soon.

[00:35:57] Next Tweet: The intersection of Rails and Web3.

[00:38:03] Next Tweet: Hibachi. Jason and Andrew share their protein stories. 

[00:39:17] Last Tweet: Thoughts on transpilers list would be cool.  Andrew thinks this person meant to say transcompilation.


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