Jason and Andrew Brain Dump | RailsConf, Shoes, DragonRuby, ChatGPT4, Python, mRuby

March 31, 2023, noon (1 year, 3 months ago)

Welcome to Remote Ruby and thanks for joining us!  It’s Jason and Andrew today and do they have so much to talk about. RailsConf 2023 is coming up, Andrew booked his flight and lodging early, Jason announces he’s doing a podcast with Brittany while they’re there, and the guys discuss how their ADHD is so different from each other.  Then they discuss npx, the benefits of using it, and how it can be useful in Ruby.  Jason and Andrew talk about building user interfaces in Ruby, creating games with DragonRuby, learning Rust and Python for hardware projects, and using OpenAI API for Ai projects. We’ll also hear about their programming backgrounds, not liking math, regrets about not taking a statistics class seriously, and experiences with other college classes. Press download now to hear more!  

[00:04:19] The guys are excited to go to RailsConf but Jason’s feeling socially anxious since he had surgery. 

[00:06:03] Andrew explains what Hashnode is since Jason has no idea what it is.

[00:06:28] In the wonderful world of Ruby, Andrew’s been scripting lately since he wanted to have fun, and if you don’t know what npx is, he explains what it is. Jason and Andrew also discuss using npx with Tailwind and esbuild, 

[00:11:09] Jason brings up using standards VS Code extension and mentions how surprisingly fast it is.

[00:13:35] Jason mentions Nick Schwaderer taking on building a new Shoes project, which was a GUI graphic user interface library for Ruby, built by, why the lucky stiff. It looks like their using WebView, and if anyone can explain it, please Tweet Andrew on Twitter or message him on discord. 

[00:15:17] The guys talk about building user interfaces in Ruby, creating games with DragonRuby, and a Tweet by Amir Rajan about DragonRuby.

[00:20:35] Jason tells us about trying to learn Rust and Python for hardware projects, and Andrew tells us about a widget he built using Rubyist.

[00:22:28] There’s a discussion on using OpenAI API, Andrew has an interest in creating a profitable business with web3 technology and AI, Jason mentions “Ask Rails,” an Open AI powered chat to help you with all things Ruby on Rails.

[00:25:42] The conversation shifts to Jason and Andrew’s programming backgrounds and their interest in using Ruby for hardware projects.


[00:29:34] Have you heard of PicoRuby? Also, if you know mRuby, please reach out to Jason or Andrew because they need to talk to you.

[00:31:50] Andrew was asked to be a Guide at RailsConf, saw the email too late, and he’s not doing it because of his commitment issues.

[00:34:37] Jason and Andrew discuss their rabbit holes. One is about a speech professor, the other is being back on Khan Academy filling gaps in math knowledge, and regrets about not taking statistics class seriously and other classes.   


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