Jason's run in with the cops, Andrew deletes his GitHub, and Madmin launches?

[00:00:22] The guys share stories of things that happened to them this past week.

[00:06:30] Jason announces he got all his testing videos done for his course and it pushed him to do more work on the StimulusReflex testing library. 

[00:09:25] Chris asks the guys if they knew of a library that has test helpers for both frameworks. 


[00:12:22] Jason tells us his testimonials are done and he’s hit a weird spot with the app being a little bit incomplete, and he’s thinking about making a video.

[00:14:20] Jason talks about when he’ll launch the video since he just has two left. Chris announced the OmniAuth 2.0 course is out and what happened.


[00:17:08] Jason and Chris talk about issues with recording videos for courses.

[00:21:00] Chris explains about saving and resurrecting madmin.


[00:29:14] Chris tells us about the “12 in 12” project that was released this week, made popular by Pieter Levels years ago.

[00:31:22] Andrew talks about cleaning up projects, tying up loose ends, and how his GitHub is a mess and what he wants to do to clean it up.  He asks Jason and Chris for advice on what he can do to clean up his GitHub. 

[00:37:55] Andrew mentions not being able to find a single product online to help manage your GitHub repos, but he has used something called GitHub Unwatch, which is a Heroku app that has helped. 


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason




Interactive Rails with Stimulus Reflex Course by Jason Charnes

StimulusReflex Testing-GitHub

Action Cable Testing-GitHub

GitHub Bulk Unwatcher

OmniAuth URLs Course-YouTube



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